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            2. 0791-85318881


              JiangXi YuYuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in producing surgical instruments, instruments, medical consumables and disinfection equipment.

              ABOUT YUYUAN

              Build a leader in the medical device industry

              JiangXi YuYuan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of medical equipment company. The company mainly produces surgical instruments, instruments, medical consumables, disinfection equipment and other medical instruments and equipment. The company relies on its medical device product sales strength, with good reputation, good faith management! The company is innovation-oriented, has a sound scientific research management system and innovation incentive mechanism, strong research and development force, has a professional technical team.


              Forge the future with ingenuity, greet the future with integrity, create the future with quality

              Hotline: 0791-85318881


              Keep abreast of our latest developments and the latest industry news.

              JiangXi YuYuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

              Tel: 0791-85318881

              Address: Liuling, Baiwei Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

              Email: 196203812@qq.com

              Website: http://www.www.leifss.com

              Copyright ? 2020 All Rights Reserved JiangXi YuYuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. 



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